Q: What sizes are available for shell buttons? 
A: For most of the material, it is available fm 14L to 40L. However, for some material, because of the limitation in sizes of the raw shell, the largest size available is only 20L. Please ask for details. 
Q: How to convert button size between 'L' and 'mm'? 
A: 40L = 1 inch = 25.4mm, that means: 1L = 0.635mm  
Q: What are the thickness available? 
A: For trocas, white mop, black mop, river shell, buttons are available from thickness of 1.6mm to 4.0mm 
Q: How long is the delivery time? 
A: For item we have stock, we could send out within 1 week after receiving payment. For those item need to be made by order, delivery time is usually 3 weeks.  
Q: How much is the delivery cost? 
A: For all shipments to customers not in HK, our prices are FOB ex HK office. For shipment of less than 60 kg, usually sending by Fedex or Speedpost door too door is the best delivery method. The courior charge are around: 
1. US$75 per 10 kg for South East Asia countries 
2. US$110 per 10 kg for U.S. and EC countries 
3. US$25 per 10 kg for destinations in China 
Q: Is there any special Customs procedures for importing shell buttons? 
A: Usually, you should have no difficulties in importing our shell buttons. Some countries' Customs may ask for the biological name of the shell material to be stated on invoice, or a certificate of oirgin. A certificate of origin (Re-export) is available upon request an application fee of US$30 will be charged. 
Q: What are your shell buttons and accessories made of? Are they endangered species? 
Our products are made of commercial sea shell which is abundantly available, for details information of material we are using, please go to:  biological name of the shell materia 
Contact: win8@163tom.com